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What I Wish I Knew (Financially) During Grad School

I made a ridiculous number of financial mistakes during graduate school that cost me a fair amount of money. Share some of your mistakes in the comments below.

1) Understand your students loans. When looking for jobs, look for schools that will help maximize loan forgiveness programs.

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2) If you don’t have to pay more, take extra grad level classes to boost your future salary. These classes don’t have to be related to education.

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3) TA. My TA job not only reduced my tuition, but also gave me a modest income.

4) Tutor. You can practice your teaching and make a fair amount of money.

5) If you have any extra income, consider investing in retirement by opening a Roth IRA.

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6) Pay off your credit card debt now!

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7) Your body will change quickly as you age. Work out regularly. Eat healthily.