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What I Wish I Knew (Financially) During My First Year Of Teaching

I made a fair number of mistakes. You get to learn from them. Share some of your own in the comments below.

1) Be on top of your student loan cancellation, deferment, and TEACH grant forms.

Read more about student loans here.

2) Invest in retirement now to take advantage of compound interest.

Learn more about compound interest here. 

3) When investing, look for low costs such as index funds.

Learn more about low cost funds here. 

4) When young, be aggressive in your investments.

Learn more about investing when you are young here. 

5) Avoid keeping large sums of money in a checking or savings account

Learn more about money-market funds here. 

6) If your student loan interest rates are low, only pay the full monthly payment and invest whatever funds you have towards retirement.

Learn more about retirement investing and student loans here. 

7) Never burden yourself with credit card debt. Pay the full balance each month.

Learn more about avoiding credit card debt here. 

8) Maximize your units now. Bump up on the pay scale.

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9) Use your summers wisely.

10) Learn how to save money.

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11) Work out regularly. Eat healthily.